Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Boredom" by Siegfried Kracauer

Today is a tie between two sentences from the first page of Kracauer's essay "Boredom" from The Mass Ornament. If you haven't read this essay and work the 9-5 (especially doing a job you dislike), check it out... it's only four pages.
People today who still have time for boredom and yet are not bored are certainly just as boring as those who never got around to being bored (331).
Yet the vulgar boredom of daily drudgery is not actually what is at issue here, since it neither kills people nor awakens them to new life, but merely expresses a dissatisfaction that would immediately disappear if an occupation more pleasant than the morally sanctioned one became available (331).

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  1. I hope your exam went well. Reading the same book for my own exam.