Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Transformative Power of Performance by Erika Fischer-Lichte

I've included multiple sentences today, but pay special attention to the 'tautology' line.
I perceive something as something. The things signify what they are or as what they appear. To perceive something as something means to perceive it as meaningful. Materiality, signifier, and signified coincide in the case of self-referentiality. Materiality does not act as a signifier to which this or that signified can be attributed. Rather, materiality itself has to be seen as the signified already given in the materiality perceived by the subject. To use a tautology, the thing's materiality adopts the meaning of its materieality, that is, of its phenomenal being. What the object is perceived as is what it signifies.
If only the last sentence is a tautology, I wonder what Professor Dr. Dr. Fischer-Lichte would describe the six before it.

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