Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Production of Space by Henri Lefebvre Pt. 3

First published in 1974, this is disgustingly prescient:

Investment in 'real estate', ie. in the production of space, continues to involve a higher proportion of variable as compared with constant capital. The organic composition of capital is weak in this sphere, despite the high level of investment called for and despite the rapidity of technological progress.... The mobilization of space becomes frenetic, and produces an impetus towards the self-destruction of spaces old andnew. Investment and speculation cannot be stopped, however, nor even slowed, and a vicious circle is thus set up. A strategy based on space, even if we leave military and political projects out of the picture, must be considered a very dangerous one indeed, for it sacrifices the future to immediate interests while simultaneously destroying the present in the name of a future at once programmed and utterly uncertain. (336)

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