Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seduction by Jean Baudrillard

Hmmm... if you understand this, let me know....
To produce is to materialize by force what belongs to another order, that of the secret; seduction removes from the order of the visible, while production constructs everything in full view, be it an object, a number, or a concept. (Baudrillard, Seduction: 34).

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  1. What Baudrillard is saying, in very summary terms, is that the this capitalist system of production, consumption and disposal has forced everyone into a single system, where only these variables are valued, and therefore society becomes monolithic, and thereby controllable.

    On the other hand, seduction can be viewed as the ultimate in individuality, where there is no monolithic system of value which drives us all inside preconceived boundaries and rules. In this scenario, individuals operate without constraint, and therefore may create in the "visible" as well as the "invisible" spectrums whatever it is they desire.

    In short, Baudrillard is challenging the notion of "bourgeois utility," where, in part, our value and meaning only exists within the construct of this global capitalist system.