Monday, January 12, 2009

From Hitler to Heimat by Anton Kaes

Rules this blog have to be decided at some point.

Can I quote quotes that are quoted in the books I'm reading? If so, I would be including a quote from Rainer Werner Fassbinder today, which really isn't fair since pretty much anything Fassbinder said is usually quote-able (ie. . Instead, here's Tony Kaes reflecting on Fassbinder's film, The Marriage of Maria Braun:
In principle the story in Maria Braun also continues after the violence exit of the protagonist. At the very moment when the explosion ends the lives of the private individuals, the rise of Germany as "world champion" begins. "We're somebody again," the Germans said proudly during the reconstruction period. This famous slogan is indicative of precisely the attitude of complacenct and amnesia that Fassbinder wanted to destroy- a terrorist act that included self-destruction. (Kaes 1989, 103)

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