Saturday, January 10, 2009

from Psychic Life of Power

For the next three months I'll be cramming, ahem, studying for my phd qualifying exams. To document the excruciating process, (almost) each day I'll be posting the most awesomest sentence that I come across while reading that day.

The most awesomest sentence can be the longest, most confusing, most thought-provoking, worst, lamest, most interesting, or just awesomest sentence of that day.

To start off the process, it's only appropriate to begin with that Master-of-the-tortuous-yet-strangely-clear sentence, Judith Butler:

from The Psychic Life of Power:
Theories in Subjection
I could not be who I am if I were to love in the way that I apparently did, which I must, to persist as myself, continue to deny and yet unconsciously reenact in contemporary life with the most terrible suffering as its consequence. (Butler 1997, 9)

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